For dog lovers: Top 10 most beautiful dog breeds in the world

Dogs are our sweetest friends. Here I show you some of their super cute pictures that I have collected.

1. Samoyed Dog

Few breeds have a better coat than the Samoyed. Long, bushy, and fluffy, these gorgeous white coats have kept the Samoyed warm in its Siberian homeland. But, this makes the breed somewhat less suitable for places with hot summers. And they need to be groomed regularly by professional dog grooming tools.

Samoyed Dog

2.Australian Shepherd Dog

Những chiếc áo khoác nhiều màu và lông tơ của những chú chó chăn cừu Úc cho phép chúng “gia nhập” ngay vào câu lạc bộ những chú chó xinh đẹp và chúng thường có đôi mắt nổi bật để khởi động. Những chiếc áo khoác của chúng rụng rất nhiều và đòi hỏi một thời gian bảo dưỡng khá lớn, nhưng chúng không yêu cầu nhiều như một số giống chó lông dài khác.

Pomeranian squirrel dog

3.Pomeranian squirrel dog

Go ahead, look at a Pomeranian and try not to laugh – We bet you can’t do that. Pomeranians are obviously very pretty dogs, with very thick and attractive coats (requiring surprisingly little maintenance compared to some other long-haired breeds), but they also have a lot of personality, which makes them even cuter.

In fact, Pomeranians are quite intelligent dogs that are easier to train than most other small breeds. They are especially friendly with strangers, and you’ll want to keep an eye on them when they’re around kids, but they’re also quite loving to their family.

Pomeranian squirrel dog

4. Chow chow

A Chow Chow with a well-kept, well-kept coat is a sight to behold. They have a rather lion-like appearance, as the long coat around the head and shoulders resembles a mane. And while dogs may not have the faces you’d call classically pretty, their perma-squints are pretty cute.

Chow Chows are a bit aloof, and unfortunately, they arise precisely from cuddling shyness. They keep to themselves more than many other breeds, and they won’t hesitate to roam and explore the world. But, while these traits may not be ideal for all owners, Chow Chows are excellent pets for those who spend a lot of time… away from home. You just need to buy enough milk – vitamins – medicine for dogs, oral care products for dogs, … and Chow Chow will be able to “take care of itself” without you too much attention.

Chow Chow


We personally think of the Poodle as a much cuter little girl than we define pretty, other people, but that’s just another example of the subjective nature of aesthetic beauty. Poodles have some of the coolest coats in the entire canine world, and they can be concealed in any number of different ways. Poodles require a bit of good grooming with fine tools like the Grooming 620 Trimmer Kit, but the end result is often worth the effort.

Despite their humorous appearance, Poodles are actually very intelligent dogs. They can be used for experiments that require agility, working with the nose (they are often used to find truffles hidden under the forest floor) or anything related to water, as they love to swim. swim. They are also excellent therapy dogs, and midsize poodles are sometimes used as guard dogs.


6. Saluki

If you have a chance to see a standing Saluki, you will definitely find him attractive. But don’t believe it. These dogs are strong and very fast, and they are happiest when running around a large field rather than standing still. In fact, many of their most attractive physical features – elongated snout, elongated body and elegant tail – make them especially suitable for a lifestyle that saves on tools like grooming for dogs, TOP DOG detangling comb for dogs, …

Given their nature, it’s important to think carefully before adding one of these puppies to your family. They are adorable dogs from time to time, dogs that will love their soft ears rubbing against your lap. But they can be difficult to train and they need lots of fenced space to avoid being caught by roaming.


7. Maltese

The Maltese is a very elegant breed, with a white coat that feels split in small increments. Their gorgeous coats flutter wherever they go, and their adorable personalities help them make friends quickly. And that face? Forget it. Go ahead and break the treats, because it’s simply impossible to say no to these little items.

Although they may look a bit fancy, Maltese are actually puppies with cute little fangs. They are also very intelligent and easy to train, and Maltese are also very adventurous. However, as you would expect from a dog with long, floor-to-ceiling fur, the Maltese requires regular grooming to look its best. You can refer to Toex FT-805C Hydraulic Lifting Round Grooming Table or Grooming Trimmer Kit 208 | World to help you with this task.


8. Afghan Hound

It’s hard to mistake an Afghan terrier for any other – although there are many breeds that exhibit the same combination of a gentle, elegant dog with a long, silky coat like so. Their long faces are also quite distinctive, as they are at the same time quite beautiful and a bit strange. Full of bravery!

Like the Saluki and the Greyhound, the Afghan Hound was originally used as an ornamental dog that would knock down prey quickly and easily. So you will have to provide the Afghan dog plenty of room to run and also dog cosmetics for regular bathing. You will also find that they are very difficult to train. But, if you can handle these challenges, you’ll probably love their sweet and affectionate nature.


9. Irish Setter

Dressed in soft, silky coats ranging from red to mahogany to strawberry gold, the Irish Setter is beautiful without giving the other person a claustrophobic feel. And even if they are very pretty, they are still popular pets, with cheerful and outgoing personalities. They are strong, enthusiastic, friendly and sweet.

In most respects, these dogs are like other dogs. They are very intelligent and easy to train, they are always ready to make friends. However, they will destroy everything you own if you do not allow them to focus and exercise daily by taking them outside with a dog collar. But large families who enjoy going to the park will often enjoy adding a four-legged friend of the breed as part of their family.

Irish Setter

10. Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hounds are probably quite easygoing with many dog ​​lovers – you may think they are handsome or look a little odd. In either case, everyone can agree that the Pharaoh Hound is a unique breed (they are also one of the most expensive breeds out there). They often carry a funny and slightly bizarre expression, which just makes them cuter or weirder, depending on your tastes.

Short-haired, large-eared, and graceful, these dogs were bred to run to take down large prey and hunt with their owners. But, unlike many similarly bred breeds, these pups are affectionate with the humans raising them and have the inexhaustible energy that some other zippy terriers do. Pharaoh Hounds are extremely popular, but they make very good pets – even for first-time owners.

Source: collected from internet

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